Seeds most important element in agriculture – Ogbeh

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh says seed is the most important element in the development of the agriculture sector urged stakeholders to pay more attention to the sub-sector.

The Minister stated at the 2019 edition of the seedconnect conference which held in Abuja Nigeria’s capital.

Why do we give such attention to seeds? It’s very simple if you have no good seed then there’s nothing to expect from the farms, seed, soil and water are very strategic in agricultural growth off course there other things we have to do like finance, fertilizer but the most important element in this business is seed.”

Mr. Ogbeh stated that government is looking at the possibilities of financing research in the seed sector to enable the development of the sector through a possible loan from the Africa Development Bank.

The Director General of the National Agricultural Seed Council Dr. Philip Ojo while speaking to journalist at the eventsaid the seedconnect Africa conference will enable the seed sector build synergy and partnership that will boost the productivity of the seed sector across Africa.

Dr. Ojo said the conference aims at bridging the gap in the seed industry and also harnesses its potentials in Africa.

The focus is to build upon what we did last year, looking at the gaps that are in the industry, looking at the potentials and opportunities that is there for seed companies to come on board, start production and marketing in order to earn lot of profits that is it and we are actually using this occasion to strengthen our relationship, our partnership, the synergies we are building in order to ensure that we take the seed industry in Nigeria and even in Africa to the next level, that is exactly why we are here today.

The 2nd Edition of the Seedconnect Africa conference which just ended in Abuja is expected to further build on in order to actualize the vision for strong seed sector in Nigeria and Africa.

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