IDPs benefit from ‘My Food Bank’ programme in Abuja

Over 120 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the Nigeria’s capital city have on Monday benefited from ‘My Food Bank’ (MFB) programme, an initiative to curb hunger, especially among ordinary Nigerians.

Women and children at the Karon-Majiji IDP Camp received donations of food-accessing smart cards from My Food Bank Nigeria team.

Mr. Aliyu Maina, the President of Africa Food Bank Farm, initiators of My Food Bank Nigeria, who handed the cards to the beneficiaries, said that the gesture is to alleviate their plight, especially hunger being experienced by the IDPs.

“In line with our vision of creating avenues for millions of people to have access to affordable and free food in any part of the country, we decided to reach out to the IDPs as a priority.

People are hungry in the country, and we have developed a system whereby they can be fed by other people who are willing to help the needy.

The cards we are activating today are paid for by people of goodwill, who want every Nigerian to stay out of hunger.

We want every Nigerian to have access to food irrespective of their locations and social standing, to eliminate hunger because when you end hunger, you have solved many other problems,’’ Maina said.

Mr. Hilary Okolobia, the Technical Director (ICT) of MFB, who activated the smart cards, explained that a holder of the card could access free and cheap meal from ‘Food Managers’ or vendors captured under the programme.

Okolobia said that there were donors from within and outside the country, who understood the food needs of the displaced and less privileged Nigerians.

He said that a holder of the card could access meal from the designated vendors for as cheap as N200, as long as there was money in the account.

He therefore appealed to Nigerians of goodwill both home and abroad to support the initiative to alleviate hunger in the land.

Mrs. Fatima Abubakar, a beneficiary and mother of 10, expressed appreciation to MFB Nigeria on behalf of other women.

Abubakar, who said she lost her husband to activities of the insurgency in the Northeast, said the gesture was a major respite to her and other IDPs.

“My Food Bank” programme was launched in December 2018, with President Muhammadu Buhari pledging support for the project.

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