Research institute identifies major soils for land use planning

The Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Ibadan, has identified and classified major soils in some states for land use planning. A former Executive Director of the institute, Prof. Ebenezer Adebowale, said on Wednesday.

The states, he said, include Benue, Kwara, Kano and Bauchi.

The lecture was part of the activities to mark the institute’s 50th anniversary.

Adebowale said the institute also provided systematic mapping of major soils in the South West Zone with the production of a soil map at a semi-detailed level.

He further said the institute developed varieties of maize crops including christened Oloyin which contains higher protein than the ordinary maize sold in the market.

He also added that the institute’s work on soya bean is legendary in terms of breeding, production as well as nutrition.

Adebowale said the institute’s researches were economically viable as well as environmentally friendly.

Adebowale, however, urged the institute to focus on knowledge economic research that could generate wealth and prosperity for the people.

Earlier, an official of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, Mr. Hammed Matini, said IAR&T had played a major role in tackling army worms which ravaged maize farms in the country.

IAR&T is a multi-commodity national research institute that serves as a national center for research on improvement of genetic potentials of crops and livestock.

It also has the mandate to conduct research into efficient use and management of soil resources for increased and sustainable agricultural productivity.


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