How biotechnology has changed agriculture globally

The Open Forum on Agriculture Biotechnology OFAB (Nigeria Chapter) says most successful economies in the world adopt the use of biotechnology to boost their agricultural productivity.

The Country coordinator of OFAB Nigeria Dr. Rose Gidado stated this in an interview with Journalists in Abuja at the 2nd edition of the Seed connect Africa Conference.

“The issue of safety have been laid to rest because the internationally recognized regulatory bodies, the WHO, FAO, OECD because they have carried out their own independent safety assessments on this crops and there’s no way you can develop all this and term it safe and wholesome food without the endorsement of WHO so the issue of safety is taken care of”

“Biotechnology can contribute to enhancing food security so that we can eradicate hunger and poverty in Africa” she added

She said quality seed is the foundation of agricultural productivity in Africa and the seed sector needs to be developed to get agriculture right adding that when Nigeria gets it right in the seed Industry then the entire African continent will benefit from it.

“Once you get it at the seed level, you’ve got it all, it is the life wire of productivity, seed is the foundation of agriculture if we have to grow agriculture which I know we really need in Africa and especially Nigeria because of our population, if we don’t develop the seed sector then we have lost it.”

Dr. Gidado said the conference will impact positively on Biotechnology because there’s no mention of improved seeds for high yields without the mention of biotechnology.

She added that the seedconnect conference is making impact in the seed sector in Africa as countries and seed companies have shown interest by attending the conference.

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