Food production :Farmers’ association calls for re-introduction of scheme

The All Farmers’ Association of Nigeria (AFAN) has appealed to the Nigerian government to re-introduce Gross Enhancement Scheme (GES) for the benefit of peasant farmers and to boost agricultural productivity.

The AFAN Chairman in Kaduna State, Mr. Nuhu Aminu, made the appeal in Zaria, Kaduna State on Monday.

He said the call became imperative in view of the importance of GES not only to peasant farmers but to the overall agricultural productivity.

The chairman noted that the best way to assist peasant farmers is to re-introduce the GES to enable small holder farmers get fertilisers, seeds and chemicals at highly-subsidised rates.

“The best way to assist Nigerians is through GES where a peasant farmer gets two bags of fertilisers, improved seeds and chemicals at half the market value.

Remember, large scale farmers are not the ones feeding Nigerians but small holder farmers that farm and sell are the actual farmers feeding us,’’ he said.

Aminu called on government to accord special attention to such segment of farmers.

He noted that large scale farmers sell their produce in bulk to food processing industries.

According to him, peasant farmers have no other means of getting the commodity at subsidised rates except through government policies and programmes.

Source: Voice Of Nigeria