Association to provide milk off-takers for Zamfara cattle breeders

The Association of Small Scale Agro Producers in Nigeria (ASSAPIN) has promised to provide off-takers for cattle breeders to improve the production of milk in Zamfara.

The Chairman of the association, Umar Muazu said the association had planned to provide off- takers for cattle breeders in the state to encourage milk  production.

He said that it would also serve as one of the conditions for obtaining anchor borrowers facilities either from the Bank of Agriculture or Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

He said that millions of Naira that had been spent on such facilities still remained in the banks unutilised because milk producers failed to involve off-takers that would guarantee market for the product.

He said that since the association had already formed the chapter in the state, it would put in its best to see that agro producers  were taking advantage of all the opportunities made available by the government.

Muazu said that the association aimed at building capacity of the members through training, and some of them would be introduced to innovations that could improve production output overtime.

He said that ASSAPIN was determined to meet with small scale producers and to give them training, guidance and loan facilities that would promote their production capacity.

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